Games Workshop Rumours – Dwarfs?

There is a Dwarfs group been set up on Facebook recently and we have had the following rumours posted, now this seems to be translated from English as it doesn’t flow very well and the sources are not obvious but here we go:

‘As a collection of rumors that dwarfs beli marcus forum by users and maesltröm Neufra:

-Author: Rumor Vetock.

-Rules army advance Dwarves use ancestral ancestral tort, and stubbornness ancestral (impassivity: as long as the dwarves have a bonus of a row is considered impassible always, regardless of the ranks of the enemy or overwhelm).

- The objects are objects runic magic and power varies depending on the configuration of the army. They are quite powerful.

-The rune system changes to what we saw in Storm of Magic.

-It is rumored magic phase as TDM. (Storm magic).

-They have confirmed that the dwarves have a “monster” height mechanical steam tank. It was called Orc Crusher for months, now know. He has a gun that works like diamond tip as underground tunneling bugs oriented fat and another weapon for infantry oriented. Take crew and some armor upgrades options and sieges.

-Lose prominence the shot and return to see dwarves oriented combat.

-They keep talking about monstrous infantry for dwarves, sentinels … (bipods or cacharras strange, elf too confusing with these machines)

- There are plastic killers straight out of Avelorn.

-Special Troops plastics, matadors and Hammerers. Discard core.

-You can return the next to the Goblin-hewer buscamuertes malakai storm of chaos, but may remain in the pipeline for 9th …

-The dwarves are engineers that modify the machines and blacksmiths, are just that aimed laser cannons (YUUUUJUUUUU guess is to say that you will pay for an engineer if eggs or if we runar the machine)

-1 New character is a dwarf, a kind of dwarf gods protected …

-Mechanical completely new and the concept of the dwarves change a bit, as they did the demons by turning around all phases of the game.

-The artillery worsened slightly. Imagine anger rune customization limit.

-All dwarves have magic resistance like tzeencht … 6 + to spell …

-Blacksmiths have no bonus to disperse, but a priori earn another rule for different mode-rays, something style banner of the jaws.

Well that is what you get!’

If this is true and the Dwarfs shift from a shooty army to a more combat army i think it would be fantastic, bearded, pissed up midgets looking for a scrap! Whats not to love!

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